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Sounding good?!  

I've asked my clients to write a few words of feedback, advice or encouragement for people thinking about whether to take the leap! They are the experts from experience of course! I’m sure you’ll feel inspired about possibilities for change, when you read how far others have come. I hope it also gives you a more detailed sense of how I could help you on your life journey, from those who have walked the path from struggle to strength themselves. There are no identifying details, not even first names or initials, as, to me, it‘s of utmost importance to protect peoples’ total confidentiality.
Client feedback

Relating to pain, trauma and loss
with wisdom and compassion

I would thoroughly recommend CBT because it changed my life completely both internally and externally. When I first embarked on my journey, I did not believe that anything could do that. I did not believe that a real and lasting transformation could be possible - until I experienced it for myself.  I believe that it was Eleanor’s approach alone that changed everything for me. The love and gentleness that emanate from her, her amazing intuition, the total non-judgment of any situation. The fact that I could turn to Eleanor in my deepest and darkest hour. Her response to me was so helpful and full of understanding.  I will never forget the gifts that she has given to me. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to have met her and for her to have helped me. All of the tools that she has given me for life now resonate within me every day.”

To anyone thinking of starting CBT, my encouragement to you would be to just try it, you won’t loose out on anything, as Eleanor has such a wise, caring and uplifting way of working, you’ll get something even from the first session – and just being with her. My advice would be go along with an open mind and heart and try to have some faith that it can help you in some way. It will take courage and small steps at first but with commitment, you can change your life and that in turn will change the lives of those around you. Whereas before I had felt hopeless and stuck in a life without really a sense purpose to go on living, I now have a huge sense of meaning and joy back in my life”

I’ve learnt so many invaluable things on my journey with Eleanor. That it is important to be compassionate to myself, to stop and evaluate situations with greater body awareness and to deal with the physical symptoms of pain with kindness rather than struggle, using the excellent relaxation / self soothing techniques that I was taught. I also learnt how to ask for more support in handling my difficult circumstances, and to ask in a more effective way that leads more people to wish to say a supportive yes! Eleanor’s humble, empathic self disclosure about how she’s dealt with her own challenges has been vital to me in feeling genuinely understood by someone who knows what pain is like. Her stance of “lifelong caring and kindly self help” has been refreshingly realistic, especially that it is an ongoing process for all of us – not just me because I am in pain. I also learnt to understand what makes me feel caring, soothing and good about myself, even in the face of pain as well as being more specific about things that make me feel worse. This is important, not just for the here and now but also, when I go through a difficult patch in the future, I will know what to do to help myself.

What can I say - Eleanor helped me come back to life! After being involved in a serious motorway crash I was suffering with the trauma of the accident, which over 6 months or so turned in to depression and anxiety. Eleanor guided me along each step, and each week I came a new step forward. She taught me how to focus on what I was doing in the present moment, rather than getting lost in awful thoughts and feelings from the past. I am now feeling so much better. I still have good and bad days, but I now treat myself with positive care and attention when my anxiety gets triggered. I have learnt to relax, take time out and live in the present, which helps so much. Without Eleanor's guidance, support and care I would simply not be here now. We met at the perfect time and I cannot thank her enough.”

Through CBT I have discovered the importance of recognising and focussing on the things that are truly important in life. Having a non-judgmental space in a busy week to work through issues safely and sensitively has been invaluable.  I have made a number of changes in my life - both in practical terms and also (and much more importantly) in how I relate to myself and others. And I can honestly say that these changes would not have happened without CBT. Eleanor's warmth and her compassionate and intuitive approach have been key when working through sensitive issues, and her humour and empathy throughout the process have been really appreciated.”

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