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I respect the courage it takes to reach out and it's a genuine privilege to assist people in their personal and professional growth.
Healthy regards - and a warm thumbs up - 
to you from me!

Take advantage of a free consultation!

It's a good idea to make use of a free "discovery" phone consult to find out if we're likely to be a good team fit. Use my handy form below if you'd like to get this set up.


Rest assured, I ask people for very little personal information in a discovery chat - you get to choose what to share, and this is your chance to assess ME and my approach first! I welcome any all questions that'll help you make some well informed choices, feel a safe connection with me and have an overview of our teamwork together. 

Top tips ahead of time:

If you're self funding, please check my fees before you get in touch, and if you have insurance cover, get an "in principle" authorisation for therapy right away.  We can then chat through how we could create good outcomes for you within your finance and time parameters. 

If you're wanting someone else to get therapy, do encourage them to reach out to me directly as I only work with people (18+) who are able to contact me themselves, as owning our own process of growth is essential. I don't offer regular couples or family therapy but if my clients want to invite other people to join some sessions for understanding and support then great!


I'm really looking forward to being of help - feel free to call, text or email me, but if you want the quickest response, with much less back and forth, please please please (!!) use my handy form if you just scrolled past it! It's such an easy way to let me know exactly what you're looking for, in 30 seconds (promise!). I can then get back to you right away with much more specific info on availability and next steps to help you get going.

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