Let’s work out the practicals!

You can work with me at whatever frequency best fits your practical needs and financial situation, and you can move flexibly between different session lengths to suit your aims, your style and your budget. If you're self funding, you're really welcome to take advantage of my current "help in covid offer" and book some additional free session time to make progress sooner. If you’ve got insurance cover for therapy, I’d love to help you make the most of it too! 

My fees

A cost effective investment

CBT, EMDR, ACT, CFT and coaching approaches have all been developed with deliberate attention to time and cost effectiveness for both immediate and long-term gain. My specialism is in helping people achieve rapid, positive, lasting results by integrating the best of these approaches for maximum potency... well, I'm excited!


You're very welcome to experiment to see what length and frequency of session creates best value for you.

50 minutes: great for weekly or fortnightly sessions

50 minute sessions with me are £150.


The standard "therapy hour" of 50 minutes has a solid research base of many decades. This length works really well if you want to ring-fence regular time for your needs and to develop steady progress over a course of weekly or fortnightly sessions - even with a very busy schedule. 

This can shift to monthly sessions once we've made a strong start, if you'd like some ongoing mentoring to help your personal and professional development keep going from strength to strength.

70 - 100 minute sessions: great for deeper shifts  

If you'd like to move forwards more rapidly, explore things more broadly or heal more fully within each session, you might like to experiment with some 70 - 100 minute sessions. You're welcome to book these in a flexible way, to match your changing needs, and budget. 

All sessions are charged on a pro rata basis. 

If you know you'd really benefit from longer sessions but would struggle to self-fund them, you're welcome to take advantage of my "Help-in-Covid Offer" - see below. 

70-100 minute sessions are my gold standard for deeper insight, shifts and healing, as this gives me the realistic opportunity to help you work through a complex, multi-dimensional issue, make an important breakthrough, or heal a major block "in one go" - even a block that has been holding you back for years.

A longer session also enables me to share a more comprehensive tool-kit of strategies that work best hand-in-hand with each other, and importantly, you'll also have sufficient time for practicing them supportively with me, before applying them in your life outside of sessions, as well as overcoming any particularly challenging fears or dilemmas that realistically need more time.

All of this is likely to give you more empowerment to start using your new found awareness, strategies and confidence in your daily life sooner. 

Current "Help-in-Covid" offer 

If you're self funding, need your finances to stretch further and are keen to see results happen quickly, you're very welcome to take advantage of £60 worth of an additional 20 minutes of session time - for free - not just once, but for all phone sessions you'd like to book until January 2022. 

This means you can get all the benefits of a longer session of 70 minutes in order to make greater progress sooner at a saving of £300 over a typical block of 6 sessions. 


This offer applies to telephone sessions only - to create an incentive for us to look after our hardworking eyes and get off the screen! You could even get some fresh air for fresh perspective if the weather's good!


What's included in my fee?

A high percentage of your consultation fee is re-invested straight back into ensuring you have a truly positive, and beneficial experience, and for every hour in session, I typically spend another hour "behind the scenes". Your fee includes;

  • Fortnightly practice supervision with other specialists 

  • Weekly coaching and mentoring to keep growing in insight and walking my talk

  • Very regular  training workshops to hone the skills I can offer you

  • My accreditation with leading regulatory bodies

  • My membership with professional research affiliations

  • Comprehensive practice insurance

  • Personal development workshops to live what I teach from the inside out

  • Session preparation, follow up and research time, and the development of engaging methods to help you move forwards

EMDR session tip!
90 minute sessions have the most solid research backing for overcoming the negative impact of traumatic events, as well as phobias and fears such as OCD.
I find 70/80 minute sessions work really well too...60 if you're very focused.
You wont be spending more overall: the aim is to help your brain rewire as effectively and efficiently as possible, so you don't have to keep suffering.
Basically, I will always pull out all the stops to help get you to more peace and freedom sooner!

Take advantage of a free telephone consultation

Please feel free to take advantage of a free initial 30-minute telephone conversation to ask me any questions you like, and explore whether we might make a good team match. It’s a good opportunity to discuss your options, without any obligation.

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True wealth is having the knowledge to navigate the obstacles that inhibit your ability to soar”

— Ru Paul

If you have health insurance cover

I’m currently accepting clients with Aviva, WPA, Cigna, Cigna International, CS Healthcare, Healix, Vitality.


Aviva, WPA and Cigna fully fund all range of session lengths with me. Vitality covers shorter focussed sessions and you can also part self fund. 

If you have cover that includes integrative counselling, therapy, CBT or EMDR, this is a fantastic opportunity to make the most of! I’m very used to creating a good framework that fits within different policies, so you can capitalise on your allowance. 

 Invest in yourself.
You are the engine of your health and wealth”

— Paul Clitheroe 

I’m amazed at how much we achieved in such a short space of time. Sessions with Eleanor far exceeded my expectations about what I could positively change.”

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How many sessions will you need?

For a realistic and focussed framework, CBT research recommends booking an initial 6 sessions. If you’re seeking help with a challenge that’s recently arisen, or you have a few specific aims, then 6 to 10 sessions may well be plenty.  


Your willingness to experiment with new ways of thinking and doing things will influence the number of sessions you’ll need. Like developing any skill such as speaking a new language – the more you simply commit to practice, the faster you’ll learn new abilities to help you get where you want to go!


However, rushing adds to stress, as I’m sure you know only too well! This isn’t very therapeutic! So, if you have several needs or goals, many people opt for somewhere between 10 and 20 sessions to help them keep going from strength to strength.


It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking “how many sessions do I need to fix myself” (everyone asks this at some level!) but it’s much more helpful to view this as an opportunity for empowerment rather than "fixing"!! 


We’ll review our work regularly and fine tune as we go, to ensure you get the most out of sessions, whatever number you decide on.  


Complex life situations or long standing inner patterns may need slightly longer term assistance to help you truly heal or break free. However, even when people say “I don’t see any way out, or, “I’ve had this problem for as long as I can remember”, there is definitely hope. It’s simply not true that “people don’t really change”. With proper support, focus and openness to change, we all can. The most uplifting song I’ve heard is by Eric Bibb: “see every rock as a boost and every stumbling block as a stepping stone – lift your head and hold your own and keep going on – if someone like me can make it, I know you can.” Yes!

Instead of pressurising yourself with a session number “deadline”, simply commit to being collaborative, practical and open minded, I'll bring a smorgasborg of tools and strategies and keep you on track! You'll soon spot the positive shifts!
Leigh Farmer Photography-4.jpg
Working with Eleanor has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I was concerned it was going to be a bit self indulgent, but I can see how everyone around me appreciates a much more balanced, aware and upbeat me!”

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