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Work out the practicals!

You can work with me at whatever frequency best fits your practical needs and finances, and move flexibly between different session lengths as well.
If you’ve got cover with WPA, Aviva or Cigna Global I’ll help you make the most of it.
If you're self funding and want to take advantage of deeper, longer sessions at no additional cost, I've got an offer on telephone sessions - read on!
My fees

​A cost effective investment

CBT, EMDR, ACT, CFT and coaching approaches have all been developed with deliberate attention to time and cost effectiveness for both immediate and long-term gain.


My fee includes: free resources such as insight questionnaires & worksheets. I'll send you carefully selected podcasts or videos to help build on our conversations with other really helpful voices and expertise. It also includes the opportunity to email or whatsapp me with as much pre-session preparation and post session reflection as you'd like, to help you get the very most out of each and every time we connect, and more easily remember all the take-aways to use in your every day life.

My fees

50-60 minutes: good for weekly or fortnightly sessions

50 minute sessions with me online and in person are £150

60 minute sessions with me online and in person are £180

These session lengths enable steady progress over a course of weekly or fortnightly sessions, and can move to monthly sessions to reflect your onward progress. 

70 - 100 minute sessions: good for deeper shifts  

70 - 100 minute sessions work particularly well if you'd like to explore things more deeply, progress more rapidly or heal more fully in a session - especially if you're facing some complex, multi-dimensional issues or dilemmas. This time frame is also more realistic if you'd like a more comprehensive "tool kit" in any one session, or more space for practicing techniques with my support, so you can successfully apply them in your life. 

You can vary the length of sessions to suit the topic. Sessions are charged pro rata to flexibly match this.

- 70 minute sessions are £210

- 80 minute sessions are £240

- 90 minute sessions are £270 

- 100 minute sessions are £300

Phone session offer 

If you're self funding, for any phone session of 50 minutes or longer, you're very welcome to take advantage of an additional 20 minutes of free session time, which is equivalent of £60 in session time value.  This means you get the benefits of a longer session with more depth and breadth, but at no extra charge.

Why am I doing this? I'm keen to encourage my clients to experiment with phone sessions because once people try it, like me, they find it's a great alternative for preventing screen fatigue and creating the opportunity to enhance clarity of thinking by walking or sitting outdoors. 

EMDR session fees

EMDR practice guidelines are clear that for EMDR sessions to be effective, they need to be 60-90 minutes minutes - £180 to £270 - and take place no less than weekly while processing disturbing memories.

Evidence based guidance demonstrates that a greater initial investment in your wellbeing with longer sessions at the outset achieves greater momentum with excellent outcomes. This is likely to mean a financial saving, as fewer sessions overall may well be needed to resolve your issues safely and effectively

Listening to client feedback,  70 minutes - £210 - appears to be an optimum session length, energy and outcome-wise for most people.

Case management, assessment and report writing fees


I can help if you need to:

  • book an assessment session, with a view to having an independent consultation or review of your needs

  • have a professional report written e.g. for funding or employment purposes

  • have someone advocate for your needs and liaise on your behalf

I charge my standard hourly rate of £180 for the above services. I typically provide research time free of charge, which means you get approximately one free hour of "behind the scenes" time for every hour I bill for. I will include you at every step in the decision making process. For example, we will agree on time parameters and I will always involve you in the editing of any report sent.

What's included in my fee?

A high percentage of your consultation fee is re-invested straight back into ensuring you have a truly positive, and beneficial experience. For every hour in session, I typically spend another hour "behind the scenes". Your fee includes;

  • Between session contact via text, email or voice note to help you achieve your goals 

  • Session preparation, research time, and the development of engaging methods to support your progress

  •  Fortnightly confidential practice  supervision with other specialists 

  • Weekly online training workshops to hone the skills I can offer you

  • My accreditation with leading regulatory bodies

  • My membership with professional research affiliations

  • Comprehensive practice insurance

  • Personal development workshops & mentoring to embody what I teach

  • % Donation to charities that support our global family and the environment so together we can do some wider good - yay!

Take advantage of a free 30 minute phone consultation

Please feel free to take this opportunity to ask me any questions you'd like, explore whether we might make a good team match and chat through options, without pressure

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Invest in yourself. You are the engine of your health and wealth

— Effie Zahos

If you have health insurance cover
If you have health insurance cover

I’m currently accepting clients with Aviva, WPA and Cigna Global.


Insurance policies can be very varied - some fund all range of session lengths for as many sessions as needed, others have a tight financial and/or time limit. Please check what your mental health spend cap is in a year before we speak, so we can plan clearly together in a way that helps you get the most out of your allowance.

True wealth is having the knowledge to navigate the obstacles that inhibit your ability to soar” 
— Ru Paul
I’m amazed at how much we achieved in such a short space of time. Sessions with Eleanor far exceeded my expectations about what I could positively change.”

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How many sessions will you need?

How many sessions will you need?


This will vary hugely, depending on how many issues you'd like to address and the aims you have for personal and professional growth.


Your courage and willingness to actively experiment with different ways of responding to your triggers and difficult inner and outer experiences in your every day life will significantly influence the number of sessions you'll need.

Best practice research recommends typically booking a course of 6 sessions at a time for a balance of continuity and focus. 


If you’re seeking help with a challenge that’s recently arisen, or you have a few specific aims, then 6 to 12 sessions may well be plenty.


For complex life situations or long standing patterns, it's wise to plan for a longer course of assistance, as this is more likely to help you truly heal or break free for the longer term. I will support you to overcome avoidance and open up to a more empowered stance in your life. 

We'll review our work regularly, and adjust as necessary, to ensure you get the most out of your sessions. 

Leigh Farmer Photography-4.jpg
Working with Eleanor has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I was concerned it was going to be a bit self indulgent, but I can see how everyone around me appreciates a much more balanced, aware and upbeat me!”

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