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Sounding good?!  

I've asked my clients to write a few words of feedback, advice or encouragement for people thinking about whether to take the leap! They are the experts from experience of course! I’m sure you’ll feel inspired about possibilities for change, when you read how far others have come. I hope it also gives you a more detailed sense of how I could help you on your life journey, from those who have walked the path from struggle to strength themselves. There are no identifying details, not even first names or initials, as, to me, it‘s of utmost importance to protect peoples’ total confidentiality.
Client feedback

Building authenticity, intimacy and trust

I have worked with a number of therapists and different therapy approaches and have never met anyone with such a huge range of skill as well as such a big heart as Eleanor.  Her wisdom is far beyond her years – and what I also found such a relief is that Eleanor is very transparent – so if you want to know things like how old she is, you can just be straightforward and ask!! This was an invaluable role model for me to be much more straightforward in my relationships with other people and my confidence to simply be myself. She shared the lovely quote with me “be yourself – everyone else is taken!” and then we actually practiced this together, rather than hiding behind all the usual façades, and this has really helped me get comfortable with being a regular messy and imperfect human!!”

Before I started CBT, my relationship with my father was really difficult and I even felt scared of him.  With Eleanor’s support, I took a really important risk of starting to see him more often, and also let him know more of my vulnerabilities around him, which has led to a lot more openness between us.  I have found that by letting down my “walls” and letting him into my life to know what is going on with me, I have grown closer and that it builds trust, which only brings more closeness.  I also feel more at ease to say what I really think where it needs to be said.”

Eleanor is fantastic in her approach and passion for CBT techniques.  I particularly love the fact that she always has real examples that she has either experienced herself or from her contacts of certain techniques and how they work.  She is also amazing for her broad knowledge of the CBT world and those other therapy worlds that touch on CBT.  She seems to have a sixth sense for the sort of techniques that work with individuals, often suggesting something to try that I would never have thought of myself but that really touches me.  I’m really glad it felt safe to talk to her about anything that was affecting my trust, at a totally non pushy pace that meant I was able to open up, find my voice, and now my freedom in all my life areas – including my sexuality. Even that felt safe to talk about with Eleanor and she made me feel human and normal so I could let go of shame.  Thank you!”

I’ve never met anyone so dedicated to helping others as well as obviously living what she shares from the inside out. She will speak about her own experience too if you want to build a stronger sense of trust with her. My relationships with everyone I know have improved. I am able to act compassionately and allow in other people’s good will towards me too -most of the time. Social and sexual situations which used to baffle and terrify me are now manageable – without any need for alcohol or drugs to cope these days. Other people have said they’ve noticed I now carry an air of  confidence and calmness, rather than defensiveness. These days I don’t need a wall to shut people out when it gets intense, as Eleanor has patiently and warmly helped me be OK with the vulnerability that naturally comes with living and loving and being intimate.”

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