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Get a really fresh perspective!

You may sense that the embodied presence of meeting in person, in a fresh space that's distinct from your everyday life would suit you best. I'm not working in Central London in 2022, but come and visit me in the beautiful Cotswolds where I'm literally surrounded by wonderfully grounding and energising opportunities for walk and talk sessions in nature! I am also offering some in person sessions in my rainbow-coloured, plant-filled, vibrant garden and home - "The Jungalow" - in the picturesque village of France Lynch, near Chalford/Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL6
Walk & talk eco therapy sessions in person - Chalford, Stroud, GL6

Some people prefer working with me outdoors, in keeping with the practical nature of CBT, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and coaching. Compassion Focused Therapy also works really well in nature, as nature is never self critical and is therefore a very powerful teacher for internalising a non blaming non shaming stance to your life. And did you know that EMDR - now grandly recommended by The World Health Organisation - had its humble yet profound origins in a walk in the park and looking between trees ?!


Whether you're having therapy, mentoring or professional supervision, if you ever find fresh air and /or walking helps you with better thinking, concentration and energy, I encourage you to experiment with at least one walk and talk session over the phone or in person, or sitting in an outdoor space of your choice. 

I offer walk and talk sessions in the secluded beauty of Cotswolds woodlands, on the edge of Chalford, GL6, a few miles from Stroud, Cirencester, Cheltenham and Gloucester, or sitting in a wonderful array of peaceful and beautiful spots my lovely garden, summer house and larger studio space (good for indoor movement sessions) in the picturesque village of France Lynch, near Chalford GL6. This wide variety of choice means we can be surrounded by nature whatever the weather! Ecotherapy and any other kind of in person session in nature can be tailored to support your journey and fit your preferences - from an hour to a full day.


People often find that having a "double session" of 2 hours is especially useful if you're very busy, but do also need to realistically step back, see a bigger picture and gain fresh vision ....and get some restoration and grounded-ness from nature at the same time.


I'm SO looking forward to welcoming you into my corner of paradise - it's too lovely to keep it to myself!!

Face to face sessions in Central London WC1, EC1 and SE1 - not available in 2022

My consultation rooms are warm and welcoming spaces designed to aid clearer thinking – and very easy to access from public transport. 



50 Westminster Bridge Road
SE1 7QY  

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Closest stations:

  • Lambeth North

  • Waterloo

  • Elephant & Castle



60 Grays Inn Road
WC1X 8AQ  

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Closest stations:

  • Chancery Lane

  • Holborn

  • Farringdon


9 Coldbath Square

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Closest stations:

  • Farringdon

  • Angel

  • Kings Cross

Alternatively check out my phone and online sessions (availability Mon - Fri)
Appointment times & locations
Choosing the right approach for you:

Choosing the right approach for you:

Not sure whether to work with me face to face, online or on the phone?

Rest assured, I’ll ensure that your sessions are a consistently connecting, helpful and effective experience for you, whether you have coaching and mentoring or CBT, ACT, CFT, EMDR online, in person or on the phone.

You’re very welcome to experiment and experience working with me in all these different ways, moving flexibly between them, which can be particularly useful, as they all have different advantages, and as your needs and priorities will of course be changing during your journey with me.


Communicating in different modes and locations can of course bring out different aspects of attention, authenticity and awareness too. Great to try them all, where poss!

Whether you choose to sit in the same room, walk with me outdoors, or work with me remotely, factors that have a bearing on your emotional and physical safety are always kept in my active awareness, and part of our teamwork alliance is about making collaborative decisions together that are responsive to life’s continuous flux in a wise and healthy way. 

I really enjoyed sessions in person with Eleanor. She has a very uplifting energy and her rooms were a very calming space”

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Advantages of meeting in person—two very important considerations

Embodied presence

It's getting rather trendy for therapists to talk about 'embodied presence'! For me, this is about being fully attentive with you, interested and engaged in our here and now experience of relating with one another as two living human beings with - and beyond – the narratives of our history and identity.

Another way of putting it is being able to tune in with each other at a deeper level, sometimes with words and sometimes in the rare and special stillness of “simply being here as an open presence – no words needed in this moment” ...and temporarily suspending our agendas about “growth and change” etc.

This can be a very significant and healing aspect of a therapeutic relationship – particularly if your interactions with people in your personal or professional life often leave you feeling not really seen, heard, understood or truly “met” at a deeper level. I find its totally possible to experience this way of deeper relating online or on the phone, but it can often be a fuller experience when we are actually in the same place as each other.

A calm and neutral thinking space

Not everyone wants to come to therapy and coaching and experience or practice deeper connection and presence —a warm and friendly connection, with a healthy mix of understanding, compassion and humour might feel plenty rich enough on the “deep relating” side of things and that’s absolutely ok with me!

What you might prefer to prioritise is developing a greater ability to step back—not to wall off and disconnect, but to practice bringing more calm and neutrality into your consideration of trigger scenarios or thorny matters.

I work with many clients who want to explore what it means to become a calmer “observer” to their interactions or to practice more nuanced or clearer boundary setting and assertiveness. Having a totally separate, neutral space to reflect and practice in can be a very important step before doing it in everyday life. And of utmost importance is having a space where you can discuss private matters in total confidentiality.

Advantages of face-to-face sessions
Nature does not hurry,
yet everything is accomplished.”

— Lao Tzu

The sessions where we met outdoors with Eleanor’s therapeutic angle helped me feel much more equipped and confident to deal with unexpected scenarios. Her calm and friendly coaching and practical strategies have taught my brain to realise it doesn’t need to be hyper alert all the time... because I’ve now got tools and confidence to handle things as they arise. That means less worry and less avoidance... and much more ability to just be present. I even get much more of a kick out of spontaneous experiences – and I used to be a control freak! ”

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Advantages of walk and talk sessions

Practical Mindfulness

“Mindfulness” and “meditation” are big buzzwords, but a lot of people are put off by the idea of sitting in silence. It doesn’t have to be that way! I have 15 years of mindfulness practice and can teach you how to apply very quick strategies to get present, grounded and centred anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

One particularly useful – and surprisingly enjoyable – way to learn how to be more present is by heading out "round the block". This gives us plenty of opportunities to practice relating to the world around us with more spontaneous awareness. By learning to be more attentive of our ordinary realities, rather than dismissing them as insignificant or dull, we can move through life with more playfulness, curiosity and appreciation.

Connecting with nature

Whatever issues are on your mind, you’ve probably found that when you’re in nature, you get a calmer perspective. I’m trained as an Eco-therapist, which means I can help you connect more deeply with nature, even in the city. Nature has a lot of wisdom to help us make sense of the different “seasons” of our lives, especially when we pause to really look.  

I work with many people who long to slow down, stop judging themselves and be more accepting of life as it is. In our speeded up, digitally focused culture, its easy to get sucked in to a very distorted view of how we “should” look, how we “should” act, and how much we “should” be getting done. What could be a wiser teacher about breaking free from this fiction than nature that never rushes, never judges and simply is what it is?

Interested? You can also do walk & talk sessions outdoors on the phone.
Advantages of walk and talk sessions
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