Reach your goals! 

Helping people free themselves from struggles and gain the tools to thrive is what I’m passionate about. I have 24 years’ experience as a therapist, helping people gain strength, skill and insight in the midst of challenges. My specialist training and personal style is focused on encouraging, practical and creative teamwork.
I’ve found that bringing together Cognitive Behavioural Therapies, EMDR, coaching and Experiential, Mindfulness based approaches really brings out the best in people. It helps swift progress, with immediate and long-term benefits.
I believe in pursuing effective results and supporting your whole wellbeing. I can help you develop this healthy balance for yourself. 

Difficulties I can help you with


Over the years, I have focused my attention on empowering people to live with greater vitality, wisdom and freedom.
I have also built up specialist skills in the following areas:

Overcoming struggles
  • overcoming depression, procrastination and low drive

  • handling stress, anxiety, anger and mood swings healthily

  • overcoming panic, worry and difficulty sleeping

  • freedom from unhelpful habits, addictions, OCD, perfectionism

  • transforming self identity, body image, weight and sexual issues

  • healing the pain of grief, guilt, trauma and betrayal

  • resolving inner conflict and conflict with others

  • finding realistic solutions to complex issues

Helping people thrive
  • turning aims, ideas, hopes and goals into successful reality

  • building confidence, authenticity and self esteem

  • building strength and resilience in the midst of challenges

  • adapting to life changes and turning points with flexibility and self care

  • navigating complex situations with expanded awareness and skill

  • building deeper connection, presence, trust and intimacy

  • enhancing effective communication, empathy and respectful assertiveness

  • connecting to a deeper sense of harmony, happiness and peace

My approach is to work as a creative and collaborative team with all my clients. Listening to feedback, I’m delighted that people find working with me to be very encouraging, practical, and down to earth. I like helping people really DO what matters – not just talk about it!
Thanks to the process of really tuned in therapy and Eleanor’s savvy spot on guidance, I’m much more calm these days. Rather than letting things escalate to the point of stress-out, I now evaluate what is going on, coach myself with more constructive thoughts and end up making firm decisions, because I can now trust in myself.”

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What you can gain from therapy and coaching with me


An approach to suit you


I’ve developed a multi faceted approach that is very flexible. It will be tailored to your unique needs, aims and circumstances. 22+ years’ experience as a therapist means I can quickly pinpoint core issues and psychological mechanisms that are keeping you stuck. I can make a bespoke "toolkit" for you, with practical steps, techniques and strategies for change, right from the start of our teamwork.


We will create a helpfully realistic approach to best suit your current life context, preferences and learning style. I will give you any assistance you may need to get clear about your needs and goals. We will make a practical plan to help you meet them most effectively. We will adapt and refine this as we go, to keep responding to your progress and fresh insight.


We will look at how to create the kind of teamwork that will be most encouraging and supportive to you. We will ensure that you have clarity and motivation about what you can do in between sessions to help yourself move forwards.

We can work together online, by phone or in person – whichever method would fit best with the context of your life.            

You’re welcome to book as many or as few sessions as you wish. Usually people book 6 sessions at a time, as this creates a focussed and realistic momentum for positive change.

`Success isn't about how your life looks to others. It's about how it feels to you. Being successful isn't about being impressive, its about being inspired. "You can have it all" is a lie. But you can become more true to yourself and make a difference in other peoples lives. There's power in allowing yourself to be known and heard, in owning your unique story, in using your authentic voice. 
Let your hardships make you hungrier to succeed, put yourself higher on your own to do list, and find some positive people who can truly listen and lift you up and cheer you on. 

— Michelle Obama


Deciding what’s best for you

If you’re not yet decided on whether to get started with therapy and coaching, it could be helpful for you to have a consultation to clarify your needs, explore options and get more information. I can help you consider different approaches, and give you a better idea of how they could specifically work for you.


Check out the integrating therapies section and you'll find out a lot more about the wide array of approaches I can draw on to make sure our teamwork is a really responsive fit to your needs, life path and context, so that every session is truly helpful and progressive for you. 

Take advantage of a free telephone consultation

You’re welcome to take advantage of a 30-minute telephone consultation to ask me any questions you like, talk through your options, and find out if we make a good team match.

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