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  • Eleanor Bigden

Consider CBT for Depression in Holborn, Waterloo, and Online Sessions

Try Eleanor Bigden's compassionate and practical approach to CBT for depression in Holborn, Waterloo, or via Skype; to overcome it for good.

Depression. It’s a word that can often get thrown around, but what does it really mean to be depressed?

Depression can descend as a consequence of experiencing a significant amount of hopelessness, helplessness or despair about loosing a sense of security, purpose, empowerment or meaningful connection in life. This could be through a major blow or traumatic circumstances such as separation, divorce or bereavement, workplace bullying or redundancy, major health issues or chronic pain, and also as a consequence of long term exhaustion or isolation from chronic overwork.

Some people can become increasingly depressed over time as a consequence of a sense of powerlessness,  hopelessness or despair about global issues such as inequality, poverty and climate change, other people can become depressed as a consequence of a very  personal sense of grief, failure or loss when it does not ''heal with time'' . Loneliness and isolation can be a major contributing factor to depression, and of course, depression itself can leave people feeling very lonely and isolated.

For many people depression can come as a consequence to neglecting, ignoring or being unable to meet core human needs: the need for making a meaningful contribution in life, and the need for authentic self expression for example, and / or getting hooked into vicious spirals of negative rumination and over-analysis, self-criticism and self-beration that then affect our brain biochemistry as well as decrease our motivation and drive to make the necessary action steps to change things for the better, thus keeping us stuck further, with more 'evidence' to fuel further negative thinking. Beliefs such as “I’m not good enough”, "I'm a failure'', “the world is a miserable place to live” or “there's very little hope for a better future” are common themes shared by those that experience depression.

Of course depression, by its very nature, will typically have you feeling skeptical that there's no real point in trying therapy or coaching as ''what's it really gonna change?'' . However, Eleanor Bigden has 20 years experience of helping other people truly break free from the chains of depression and despair, when they too thought it wasn't going to be possible. She also brings a wealth of compassionate understanding, insight and strategy from her own personal climb out of the pit of depression into a true sense of joy about life. So, this being said, Eleanor can hold the faith for you that you too can do it: you too can genuinely overcome your depression and do much more than simply learn to cope.

Eleanor has both a very empathic and a very practical approach to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Coaching. By spending some time with Eleanor, you can get into the nitty gritty of how depression has you in its grip and what you can do to release yourself for good. You absolutely don't need to worry about spending hours going over what you already know while Eleanor just nods and hmms...or lectures at you, like a dire sitcom therapist  - that's not her style at all!

Whilst it’s natural to be apprehensive about going ahead with CBT, or any kind of therapy or coaching sessions, you’ll be pleased - and relieved! - to find Eleanor very easy to get along with and work with as a truly supportive and collaborative team. You'll find her approach to be very genuine, down to earth, interactive and heartfully humorous in a way that will help you feel much more  comfortable about the whole therapy and coaching process. She'll also help you feel motivated, hopeful, - even inspired - about taking the necessary steps in order to climb the whole way out of depression and into a much better relationship with yourself, with other people, and with your life path too.

To speak to Eleanor about booking some CBT sessions in Holborn, Waterloo or via Skype, get in touch today on 07507376875.

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