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  • Eleanor Bigden

CBT for Depression in SE1, WC1 and online sessions: an integrative approach

There is not one "simple solution" to depression. The darkness that comes with depression can feel impossible to escape, and it's something that can force people into gradual isolation. For many people it is not an experience that just leaves on its own. For a lot of people it can creep it's way back in time and time again.This can be in itself very anxiety provoking, and many people live with a sense of dread of depression returning, which creates it's own problems, like a sort of 'self fulfilling prophecy'.

Some people feel like they're permanently living on the edge of keeping depression just at bay. And some people suffer from what's medically termed Persistent Depressive Disorder, i.e. long term depression, that causes continuous feelings of deep sadness and hopelessness that can persist for years.

Often people want to find one ''root cause'' for depression. Sometimes there may be one, but usually what starts and what maintains depression is a combination of a number of different inter-connected factors that impact people's neurobiology, mood, motivation, thinking patterns and behavioural reactions.

Research has found several common themes, although there are many different nuances and how these themes play out in people's lives can be vastly different from person to person, and situation to situation. This is why antidepressants are rarely the solution, and it's usually important to get help at some stage from someone who can create a tailored approach to overcoming depression that's well attuned to what's going on specifically for you.

For example, whereas one person can fall into depression after a stressful or traumatic life event where loss is involved such as a relationship disintegration, abuse or bereavement. Some people fall into depression over time, due to a chronic physical condition such as M.E, diabetes, Crohn's disease or severe sciatic pain. Other people may be suffering from 'imposter syndrome', or feelings of major failure after an event such as redundancy or divorce, that was not necessarily their ''fault'' or indeed; not at all, yet they blame themselves harshly.

One person may need some sessions that allow a safe space for them to learn how to grieve properly, heal the knocks to their confidence and then perhaps begin to feel strong and safe enough to get their mojo back and start dating again.

Someone else may need some sessions that help them to stop blaming and criticising themselves so harshly by putting their mistakes or regrets into a much more compassionate, forgiving and potentially even wise perspective.

And someone else may need some specific trauma work and / or help with physical pain management by prioritising very specific  forms of therapy such as EMDR or Acceptance and Commitment Therapy alongside CBT and Coaching in order to properly address the issues that are fuelling or causing 'secondary' depression.

Whatever the reasons behind your struggle with depression, please have hope. The research into key methods and actions to help people recover from depression is in a really strong place and CBT for depression is very focussed on making the optimum use of these findings. No one is quite as passionate about sharing the top insights, tools and strategies when helping those who suffer from depression as Eleanor is, having been able to completely and fully recover from her own experience of depression, thanks to all she's learned and put into solid practice in her own life over the past two decades.

Working with Eleanor Bigden will give you the platform to discuss your depression in a way you may not have been able to before. Eleanor uses a wide range of techniques with the idea of bringing true joy and peace of mind back into view for you. For Eleanor, it’s NOT about "managing" or "trying to cope with" depression", it’s about taking a courageous look at what's really weighing on your mind and spirit; getting the right kind of support to address, shift and heal the critical pain points; and daring to move in the direction of whatever creates a sense of being truly uplifted, inspired, fulfilled and stronger in your life. An authentic, resilient, confident expression of you.

Whether it’s a particular situation that has caused you to fall into depression or you have slowly become sadder in your daily life, Eleanor can help you. She has a very integrative approach to CBT for depression, and can teach you the core skills and insights from Compassion Focussed Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy too. She is fully trained to use EMDR to help you release pain, anxiety and trauma that may sit alongside depression, and her training as an Occupational Therapist and Coach means she can help you get your career, health and life goals properly back on track.

To speak to Eleanor about booking your first session for an integrative approach to CBT for depression in SE1, WC1, online via Skype and Facetime, get in touch with Eleanor on 07507376875 today. You can also fill out her useful contact form that cover keys details in one go.

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