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  • Eleanor Bigden

CBT for Anxiety Waterloo

Invest in CBT For anxiety in Waterloo and get great tools to overcome your fears with confidence and courage.

If you suffer from anxiety, then you know all too well the pain and overwhelm that can come with it. Tension, mood swings, IBS, panic attacks can go hand in hand with anxiety. It can get in the way of you achieving your important goals, and make aspects of life feel very burdensome. If you feel like anxiety is getting in the way of joy, fulfilment or peace in your life and you want to gain control over it, investing in CBT with Eleanor could well be the answer for you.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is all about the therapist and client working together to develop specific tailor made tools, techniques and strategies which help to solve issues the client is facing. By working with Eleanor, you can learn how to relate more wisely to tricky thoughts and feelings, break out of vicious cycles and learn new ways to properly handle and overcome anxiety - not just cope with it.

Eleanor offers a wealth of experience from 20 years of working as a therapist. She has worked with clients who have a range of issues such as social anxiety, OCD, health anxiety, insomnia, depression, low confidence and self-esteem, relationship struggles, trauma, and anger issues. If you would like to learn more about Eleanor and how CBT can change your life, take a look around the website today.

To reach out and make an initial appointment, call today on 07507 376 875.

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