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  • Eleanor Bigden

CBT Counselling in Waterloo

Look to Eleanor Bigden for a gentle, holistic and encouraging approach to CBT Counselling in Waterloo.

We all know about training our bodies, but not enough people know about training their minds, despite the fact our inner-most thoughts have a significant impact on our lives. When we get hooked into painful spirals of self-defeating thinking, for example, we may not know how to get our minds truly unstuck and focussed on a more helpful course.

With so many of us being brought up to hide and judge our emotions or to push them to the side, it can catch up on us and leave us feeling anxious and even ashamed when we feel overwhelmed, stressed, lonely or nervous. We may not have ever been taught to relate to difficult emotions in a truly constructive way. 

By using research proven CBT methods and other techniques that Eleanor has learnt through her many various trainings, she will be able to guide you in constructively resolving the issues you're facing, while teaching you really useful skills for handling tricky thoughts and emotions yourself - for other current and future challenges on your life journey.

By drawing on CBT and other evidence based approaches to therapy and counselling such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Compassion Focussed Therapy and EMDR, Eleanor can even help you retrain your brain to adopt thinking patterns and positive habits. This is rather exciting! In this way, investing in your mental health in the here and now can boost your EQ - emotional intelligence - for a lifetime.

Eleanor is passionate about stripping back any stigmas attached to counselling or mental health, and will do her very best to put you at ease when working with her.

If you would like to speak to Eleanor today about moving forward with some sessions, call her now on 07507 376875. You can also fill out her useful contact form that cover keys details in one go.

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