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  • Eleanor Bigden

CBT for Anger Management

Try CBT for anger management in Central London, or via CBT online sessions as suits you best.

Anger. It’s one of our most primal emotions and something that can take over within a matter of seconds. You might find that you get very verbal with your expression of anger, even physical in ways you thought you never would. It’s something that can almost be an out of body experience, with a lot of guilt and shame coming soon after an angry outburst.

It’s a scary emotion that many people often like to brush over or sweep under the rug, with justifications about the other person's behaviour having driven you to it, but to do so can result in worse damage of ever intensifying patterns of hostility between you and other people, and in a painful irony, often with the people you love and care about the most.

Like all emotions, anger deserves a say and you’ll find that behind your anger can quite often be underlying emotions such as overwhelming stress, exhaustion, vulnerability, insecurity, sadness, grief - or even unresolved trauma.

To be angry instead of daring to own and share our underlying vulnerability is a common socio-cultural norm that plays out in so many arenas of life, from family to office to international politics. We may also have been brought up with family or school or peer group norms that exposed us to patterns of hostility, judgement or binary thinking about ''who's right and who's wrong'' or ''if someone makes a mistake they should be criticised for it and punished''. This can mean anger - and hostility - is much more ready to flare up as a self protection strategy.

There may also have been an overt or covert message of ''blame or be blamed'', ''judge or be judged'' or ''it's weak to show vulnerability'' in our family, places of work, or wider socio-cultural experience.

So it makes sense why so many people choose to mask what they truly feel...or not be truly in touch with it in the first place, and instead find themselves acting out the more obviously self-protective emotion of anger.

Some people may flip flop between unhelpful patterns of explosion and suppression too. Over-consuming things such as alcohol, junk food, bad-news-porn, video games etc can be strategies to suppress rather than address sources of frustration and anger.

If you’re finding frustration, anger, resentment, even rage hard to manage in a healthy way, and think you need to invest in a holistic approach to therapy and coaching or get some specific CBT for anger management, Eleanor Bigden is here to help.

Eleanor's core message is that anger is NOT a negative emotion. It is a powerful one. When we learn to relate to it and handle it in a wise way, it can be a fantastic force to enable us to make changes for better, fairer and more just conditions in our own lives and in the world.

Spend time with Eleanor Bigden and manage your anger in a whole new way

Eleanor understands that it can be daunting to take look at what's really going on underneath or alongside of the more obvious aspects of anger. She understands it may lead to several radical shifts in perspective about your emotions and your needs; your beliefs about yourself and other people; and how you react and handle tough issues or challenging scenarios. You might of course feel excited about this prospect, a bit wary - or both!

Whatever the case, you can be reassured that Eleanor offers a genuinely open minded, honest and down to earth approach in which you can explore the whole territory of anger in a safe, courageous, (sometimes hilarious!) engaged and engaging way.

Spending time with Eleanor won’t be like an hour of talk time with anyone else. She absolutely won't fight or feed your anger by making you or anyone else wrong for it being there! Instead, she'll help you identify, consider and respond to the likely-to-be-multiple-factors involved in your anger with much more savvy and skill.

For example, she can help you learn ways to get present, get centred, get courageous and get  your most meaningful message across to others rather than getting side tracked into blind alleys of repetitive inner rants or external back-biting - the 'vent of discontent' - to people who aren't really in a position to best help you! She can help you express yourself to the people who CAN make a difference in ways that leave them open and willing to cooperate rather than shut down and defensive towards you.

From there there, she can help you tease out and toward more workable, healthy and realistic solutions that stand a greater chance of resolving anger for you, whether that's a grudge or a valid concern in relation to yourself, your past or those around you, frustration or unfairness in your work situation, or tackling major socio-political issues such as discrimination, poverty or ecocide in the world.

Even if you're feeling overwhelming bitterness, hatred or desperation please rest assured that your strength of feeling is not too big for Eleanor to handle. And with her help, you can learn to handle it wisely and constructively too.  

You’ll be able to take full advantage of Eleanor’s years of experience and learn various tools and methods in order to see more clearly through that cloud of anger that’s been hanging above your head for so long, look at anger from multiple perspectives and take a much more grounded approach to moving forwards. An approach that's in line with your values and how you truly want to operate in the world.

If you're prepared to put in some open minded time to invest in CBT and an integrative approach, what Eleanor can offer you is much more insight about how you and other people and systems function - for better and for worse - and really practical knowledge you can apply in your everyday life in order to navigate even the most intense, difficult and painful scenarios with more competence, emotional intelligence and quick-wittedness, to prevent destructive patterns from escalating out of hand.

Chances are this will not only improve your tactical approach, but also your overall sense of grounded-ness, confidence, maturity - and of course, a more empowering outlook on life when you know you know you can handle it with wisdom.

If you’re someone who’s on the go and isn’t able to get to Eleanor easily, she’s always happy to arrange a Skype call.

So why not take that leap today and go beyond your current ways of handling anger? Call Eleanor on 0750 7376875. And you can find her on Skype by searching for eleanor.bigden.


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