Eleanor Bigden

Therapy and coaching that works!

Online, in Central London and by phone.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for helpful perspectives and new response patterns 

Compassion Focussed Therapy for anxiety, depression, self criticism, shame

EMDR for fear, trauma, loss and releasing addictive patterns  

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to build courage, clarity and resilience 

Relationship, Health and Career Coaching to build adaptability and wellbeing

Overcome the past, move forward in the present, build skills for your future.


Hello I’m Eleanor.
I love the work I do!

I enjoy helping people make truly positive and lasting changes
with an integrated approach to CBT, EMDR, ACT, Coaching and Compassion Focussed Therapy to meet your specific aims and needs.
I have 22 years specialist experience and
a geeky passion for research and training!
I can offer you fast, effective support to move out of struggle - into wellbeing and empowerment.

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I feel unbelievably different and my life has changed for the better in so many ways. In fact, I could say the best investment of my life, as all my relationships are much more fruitful and I now feel genuinely happy about who I am as a person.

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