Fitting into your current life

My aim is for CBT to fit well with the context of your life – in what we talk about and when we talk. You can work with me with whatever frequency best fits with your life situation and needs, and you can move flexibly between different lengths of phone and online appointments to suit your changing aims, schedule and budget.
I've got well over a decade's experience in making phone and online sessions as connecting and as effective as in person sessions, and of course you have the added advantage of being able to sit and chat, walk and talk or even lie down and reflect! 
Once we're through Corona Virus, face to face sessions will resume as well.

Appointment times 

Phone, Skype, Facetime, Whatsapp, Vsee or Zoom sessions 

You can have sessions by phone or online at very flexible times, from 9.30am to 9pm, as best fits with our mutual availability at the time.


I've worked with several hundred of people online and by phone, over many years, and the consistent feedback is that my clients find it surprisingly connecting and effective and of course ultra convenient, whether they're speaking with me during or after work, abroad, from your work-desk, your comfy sofa, or a quiet place in the fresh air, so let's make this work for you!

Face to face sessions - to resume once we're the other side of Covid - and we WILL get through. 

My consultation rooms are warm and welcoming spaces designed to aid clearer thinking – and very easy to access from public transport (once we're safe to get on it again). 

Mondays 2.30-9.15pm

50 Westminster Bridge Road
SE1 7QY  

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Closest stations:

  • Lambeth North

  • Waterloo

  • Elephant & Castle


​Tuesdays 2.30-9.15pm

60 Grays Inn Road
WC1X 8AQ  

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Closest stations:

  • Chancery Lane

  • Holborn

  • Farringdon

Wednesday afternoons ad hoc

9 Coldbath Square 

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Closest stations:

  • Farringdon

  • Angel

  • Kings Cross

Walk & talk sessions

Some people prefer working with me outdoors, in keeping with the practical nature of CBT. If you find air and walking aids better thinking, concentration and energy, you're welcome to opt for walk and talk sessions in any of your appointments over the phone, online or when we meet in person. There are routes that take in quiet side streets and mini green spaces to and from all my rooms, and in the summer, Regents Park is a great place for uplifting sessions!

I also offer deeper, immersive experiences in nature in the Cotswolds and Hertfordshire, that can be tailored to support your journey and fit your preferences - from two hours to a full day. This is particularly useful if you need to step back and see a bigger picture, gain fresh vision and get some restoration and grounded-ness from nature at the same time. 

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Invest in yourself. 
You are the engine of your health and wealth”

— Paul Clitheroe


​My Fees

A cost effective investment


My specialism is in helping people achieve rapid, positive, lasting results. I like to maximise the potency of each and every session. This creates an extra rewarding experience - for us both! 

CBT and coaching approaches have all been developed with careful attention to time and cost effectiveness for both immediate and long-term gain.


You're welcome to experiment to see what length and frequency of session creates best value for you.

Current offer - Spring 2020
While we're all doing our bit to be flexible and community spirited during the corona virus pandemic, I'm offering a significant discount on as many sessions as I can personally afford to, so that more people can get the help they need at this difficult time. If you're self funding and financially struggling, you are very welcome to benefit from up to 50% off my regular session fees below.
I'm offering this on a sliding scale depending on income, and your integrity about this will be greatly appreciated so I can offer more sessions to people in greatest financial hardship. Let's have a good n' honest chat about this up front!
50 minutes: great for weekly or fortnightly sessions

The standard "therapy hour" of 50 minutes has a solid research base of many decades. This length works really well if you want to ring-fence regular time for your needs and to develop steady progress over a course of weekly or fortnightly sessions - even with a very busy schedule.

This can shift to monthly sessions once we've made a strong start, if you'd like some ongoing mentoring to help your personal and professional development keep going from strength to strength.

50 minute sessions with me are £130 per session (before sliding scale offer)

70 - 100 minute sessions: great for deeper shifts  

If you'd like to move forwards more rapidly, explore things more broadly or heal more fully within each session, then you might like to experiment with 70 - 100 minute sessions. You're welcome to book these in a very flexible way, depending on your needs at the time.


70 - 100 minute sessions are between £182 and £260 per session, which we'd work out on a pro rata basis per session and your current budget.

70-100 minute sessions are my gold standard for deeper insight, shifts or healing, as we'll have as much as double the amount of time, to drop into working at a more profound level together.


This gives me the realistic opportunity to help you work through a complex, multi-dimensional issue, make an important breakthrough, or heal a major block "in one go" - even a block that has been holding you back for years.

A longer session also enables me to share a more comprehensive tool-kit of strategies that work best hand-in-hand with each other, and importantly, you'll also have sufficient time for practicing them supportively with me, before applying them in your life outside of sessions, as well as overcoming any particularly challenging fears or dilemmas that realistically need more time.

All of this is likely to give you more empowerment to start using your new found awareness, strategies and confidence in your daily life sooner. 


Research strongly recommends longer sessions to address trauma, loss, social anxiety and phobia more effectively, safely and appropriately because of the above factors.

If you have health cover

I’m currently accepting clients with Aviva, WPA, Cigna, Cigna International, AXA PPP, Bupa, CS Healthcare, Healix, Vitality.


Aviva, WPA and Cigna fully fund all range of session lengths with me. Vitality, Bupa and AXA PPP covers focussed CBT sessions. 

If you have cover that includes CBT, this is a fantastic opportunity to make the most of! I’m very used to creating a good framework that fits within different policies, so you can capitalise on your allowance. 

What's included in my fee?

A high percentage of your consultation fee is re-invested straight back into ensuring you have a truly positive, and beneficial experience, and for every hour in session, I typically spend another hour "behind the scenes". Your fee includes;

  • Weekly practice supervision with external specialists for feedback

  • Fortnightly professional coaching and mentoring to fine tune my awareness

  • Regular training workshops to hone the skills I can offer you

  • My accreditation with leading regulatory bodies

  • My membership with professional research affiliations

  • Comprehensive professional insurance

  • Very well maintained rooms and resources

  • Mindfulness and personal development workshops to ensure I practice what I teach with integrity

  • Session preparation, follow up and research time, and the development of engaging methods to help you move forwards

Take advantage of a free telephone consultation

Please feel free to take advantage of a free initial 30-minute telephone conversation to ask me any questions you like, and explore whether we might make a good team match. It’s a good opportunity to discuss your options, without any obligation.

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Working with Eleanor has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I was concerned it was going to be a bit self indulgent, but I can see how everyone around me appreciates a much more balanced, aware and upbeat me!”

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How many sessions will you need?

For a realistic and focussed framework, CBT research recommends booking an initial 6 sessions. If you’re seeking help with a challenge that’s recently arisen, or you have a few specific aims, then 6 to 10 sessions may well be plenty.  


Your willingness to experiment with new ways of thinking and doing things will influence the number of sessions you’ll need. Like developing any skill such as speaking a new language – the more you simply commit to practice, the faster you’ll learn new abilities to help you get where you want to go!


However, rushing adds to stress, as I’m sure you know only too well! This isn’t very therapeutic! So, if you have several needs or goals, many people opt for somewhere between 10 and 20 sessions to help them keep going from strength to strength.


It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking “how many sessions do I need to fix myself”, but it’s much more helpful to view this as an opportunity for empowerment. We’ll review our work regularly and fine tune as we go, to ensure you get the most out of sessions, whatever number you decide on.  


Complex life situations or long standing inner patterns may need slightly longer term assistance to help you truly heal or break free. However, even when people say “I don’t see any way out, or, “I’ve had this problem for as long as I can remember”, there is definitely hope. It’s simply not true that “people don’t really change”. With proper support, focus and openness to change, we all can. The most uplifting song I’ve heard is by Eric Bibb: “see every rock as a boost and every stumbling block as a stepping stone – lift your head and hold your own and keep going on – if someone like me can make it, I know you can.” Yes!

Instead of pressurizing yourself with a session number “deadline”, simply commit to being collaborative, practical and open minded.
I’m amazed at how much we achieved in such a short space of time. Sessions with Eleanor far exceeded my expectations about what I could positively change.”

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Choosing the right approach for you:

Face to face, phone or on-line sessions

If you’re unsure whether to choose to have sessions face to face, phone or on-line, you’re welcome to experiment with all three options to see what works best for your learning style. You’re also welcome to switch between them to suit your progress and schedule. Research demonstrates that they are equally effective for CBT, as each method has different advantages.

I valued the freedom I felt in phone sessions with Eleanor. I could sit and write for a bit, then walk about, sometimes stretch, or even lie down with my eyes closed to properly go inside. I used to struggle with knowing what I really needed, but now Eleanor has introduced me to these different ways of tuning in to my body and my deeper thoughts and feelings”

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Advantages of phone and skype sessions

Fits in with what you’re doing

A major advantage of phone and skype sessions is their convenience and flexibility. You can call me directly from your home or workplace, indoors or outdoors – wherever best helps you to have a balance of concentration and fresh perspective on the day.

You can sit, lie down or walk – whatever helps you get more centred and grounded.

Phone sessions are an opportunity to write more detailed notes, if this is likely to help you remember more of the perspectives, tools and strategies we will cover together.

Flexible session lengths to suit your budget

If you’re short on time or budget, you can achieve an effective outcome in each session in as little as 25 minutes. You can do this by creating very clear aims and staying focused – useful skills to practice!

If you want to work at a deeper level or cover more ground in one swoop, I often work with people in double length sessions. This means you can move further along on your journey very swiftly, but not in a hurried way.

Some people like to alternate between shorter and longer sessions to get the best of both.

I really enjoyed sessions in person with Eleanor. She has a very uplifting energy and her rooms were a very calming space”

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Advantages of face-to-face sessions

Supportive presence in a neutral space

It may feel extra supportive to you to be working together in person. You will have more of a chance to sense in to the quality of attention that I very much enjoy bringing to teamwork.


Many people find that travelling to meet with me in a new space can create a more distinct chance for fresh perspective, or to "take a step back" from the emotional intensity of their work or home lives. Often people say the welcoming, neutral (and tidy!) rooms also helps with a sense of mental "decluttering" – and freedom from distraction.

Help to access your intuition and creativity

You may also have a particular interest in working with me face to face if you would like help to access more creative and intuitive means of self awareness, decision making and communication.

Many of my clients want to reduce over-analyzing and instead learn how to listen to their heart or gut instinct more fully, which makes good sense given scientific research into how profoundly the heart, gut and brain communicate together. If you would like help to do this more fluently in all areas of your life, it is sometimes easiest for me to show you in person.

Nature does not hurry, 
yet everything is accomplished.”

— Lao Tzu

I valued the freedom I felt in phone sessions with Eleanor. I could sit and write for a bit, then walk about, sometimes stretch, or even lie down with my eyes closed to properly go inside. I used to struggle with knowing what I really needed, but now Eleanor has introduced me to these different ways of tuning in to my body and my deeper thoughts and feelings”

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Advantages of walk and talk sessions

Practical Mindfulness

“Mindfulness” and “meditation” are big buzzwords, but a lot of people are put off by the idea of sitting in silence. It doesn’t have to be that way! I have 15 years of mindfulness practice and can teach you how to apply very quick strategies to get present, grounded and centred anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

One particularly useful – and surprisingly enjoyable – way to learn how to be more present is by heading out "round the block". This gives us plenty of opportunities to practice relating to the world around us with more spontaneous awareness. By learning to be more attentive of our ordinary realities, rather than dismissing them as insignificant or dull, we can move through life with more playfulness, curiosity and appreciation.

Connecting with nature

Whatever issues are on your mind, you’ve probably found that when you’re in nature, you get a calmer perspective. I’m trained as an Eco-therapist, which means I can help you connect more deeply with nature, even in the city. Nature has a lot of wisdom to help us make sense of the different “seasons” of our lives, especially when we pause to really look.  

I work with many people who long to slow down, stop judging themselves and be more accepting of life as it is. In our speeded up, digitally focused culture, its easy to get sucked in to a very distorted view of how we “should” look, how we “should” act, and how much we “should” be getting done. What could be a wiser teacher about breaking free from this fiction than nature that never rushes, never judges and simply is what it is?